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Well Service

Serving the community’s well and water supply needs for 30 years.

Emergency Service
If you are without water due to a broken well pump, contact me at any time for service on all makes and models of equipment. I provide quick response to water emergencies any day of the year.

All types of well service provided. I am a licensed New Hampshire Water Well Contractor with several thousand hours of drilling experience in residential, large commercial and community water supplies. Phone me at 603-330-0592.

Maintenance Service
In addition to emergency service I also provide maintenance service on all types of water wells: residential, commercial and community supplies.

Services include:

  • Disinfection: kills microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses and protozoa using a chemical (chlorine or chloramine) or ultraviolet light
  • Sanitary Surveys: assessment of the system’s ability to produce safe drinking water
  • Water Treatment Products: all types and manufacturers
  • Optimize Performance of Pump: check voltage, amperage, ohms
  • Check: pressure switch, pressure gauge, relief valve, boiler drain,
    well cap, air pressure in the storage tank

Hydrofracking for Low Yield Wells
Hydrofracking is a process used to increase the flow of water into a well. If the volume of water from your well has decreased, hydrofracking may be able to improve the yield. This process works only on wells that receive water from fractures and fissures in bedrock.

How does hydrofracking work?
One or two packers (hard rubber “sleeves” or “balloons”) are inflated to seal off a section of the well. Water is then pumped at high pressure into the section of the well between the packers, or if only one packer is used, below the packer. The high water pressure widens the fractures in the bedrock and expands their reach further into the water source in the bedrock. This procedure usually improves water yield permanently for far less cost than drilling a new well.

Contact me to find out if this procedure would work on your well.

Want to Know How a Water Well is Drilled?
See a video at www.AGWT.org: Water Well Basics: How a Water Well is Drilled an educational video on water well construction from start to finish.